And so, we begin…

April 5, 2011

I enjoy Ayn Rand because she’s got a hell of a lot of nerve. While I don’t take her whole cloth (nor do I anyone, apparently I’m just difficult), she clearly worked hard on her logic and, at the very least, went through the trouble of offering her heart and soul to chew on. She’s got shreds of observation couched in a shameless defense of the over-achiever that, even if I’m not always sure she’s applying what she’s seen as thoroughly as she thinks she is, do make me ponder my own views more deeply. She’s obnoxious, arrogant, and unforgiving. Her heavy hand rejects just about everything but Aristotle. I sense that her passion is sincere, however, so I’ll give her more patience than she probably would deign to offer me. Plus her own biography is interesting, and needs to be considered in considering her. If you want to scry into the heart of a conservative, this is one of the more intelligent ways in, though I’m more interested in what you think…

4 Responses to “And so, we begin…”

  1. rhetmuse Says:

    The ground rule is vigorous, yet civil debate. Trollish comments will be unapologetically removed, though I encourage repeat attempts to be expressive without being nasty. On the other hand, we’re here to rip apart ideas, so you can’t be too sensitive, either…People will disagree. Vehemently at times, especially when there’s something important to defend on each side. My hope is that our respect for earned knowledge and tested thought will reign supreme. We should also recognize that we come from different perspectives, so it may take some time and hard work to realize how close to appreciating the same diamond we really are, though focused on a different aspect. It may be most interesting to see if there really are irreconcilable differences, and not just irreconcilable egos. For those who can’t hack that adventure, go find a choir to preach to.

    Shall we take it chapter by chapter? I can think of several discrete topics that could surely emerge, but perhaps we’ll let those develop organically. Does that sound good?

  2. I think we should definitely do chapter by chapter. I’m so sorry that I can’t go into discussion right now but I am very excited to begin this journey!! My brain needs stimulating and you guys, along with our friend (sometimes foe) Ayn, are just the people to help!

  3. C. K. Hope Says:

    I’m for chapter by chapter as well. I can not wait to begin these discussions, my brain feels as though it’s beginning to ooze out my ears from lack of serious use. I think Ashley summed it up perfectly, you guys and Ayn are the perfect pairing for a dose of brain stimulating discussions!

  4. Wow, the last time there was any activity here was in April. Sad, sad statement to our crazy busy lives. Maybe 2012 will bring more time for us to slowly read and quickly debate the works of Ayn.

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