July 31, 2012

I’ve been thinking about Ayn Rand. Something about her and everything going on now has me jittery, like I’m waiting for all hell to break loose. Maybe it’s all I’m seeing and hearing around me coming out of normally intelligent people’s mouths. They sound like a Rand novel. The other day, as an example, one was saying the people who succeed do so because they work hard and they deserve what they have and it shouldn’t be taken from them and given to people who haven’t earned it. The other was saying, yeah but if you didn’t hold sole ownership of an idea and it was given to everyone, no one would be in this position now!

I guess I’m half waiting for Galt to show up. Which leads me to, who is this Anonymous running the 99% idea? This is a person, (or persons) I want to talk to, know about. I want to know where he comes from. I want to know what his intent is. All I know is I guarantee this person (or persons) has read Rand and is either like us or like Galt.

I want to know which one.
~ C.K.


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