August 1, 2012

I’ve been asking myself; Why? Why does Galt piss me off more than anything? Because he’s arrogant, self-serving? Because he’s an asshole who construed a scheme to cripple the world and through his objective reasoning chose who he deemed the best the world had to offer were and proceeded to remove them from said world? Objective reasoning, Rand’s baby. The yang to the yin of Altruism; Objectivism.

The whole of Atlas Shrugged is based on Rand’s idea that the world runs on religiously enforced altruism with no objective reasoning to this belief based in a viable logic; whereas she believes objectivism — selfish love, happiness, etc — is based in logical objective reasoning.

This is why the book annoyed the holy hell out of me and ultimately why, while Rand has a decent concept, it is a flawed concept. Altruism works as well as objectivism in practice because they do not work separately. They cause chaos apart; they cause mayhem when pitted against one another. They *are* yin and yang; they only work when merged.

So yes, Galt annoys me because he is Rand’s poster boy for objectivism. But why this deep seeded blast of anger when I see a “Who is John Galt” poster at a protest or just hear the phrase? Reading through news stories the other day I realized why. There was a comment made on an article about the new Batman movie and the commenter was speaking of the “birth” of superheroes, he said they were figures who brought light into the darkness; that they were strong reminders that fear only has power over us as long as we allow it to.

And that answers my, “why?” better than anything. Ayn Rand has no sense of community. I bet if someone wanted to borrow a cup of sugar she’d tell them to objectively screw off. That’s why objectivism as a whole could never, ever run the world — no sense of community; no need to lend a cup of sugar.

And Galt, he could have been Batman but instead he burns Gotham to the ground. And that offends my sense of what is morally right if you have the power and ability to right the wrongs. In Atlas John Galt did have that power and ability.



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