Good point…hmmm…

August 1, 2012

Yes…she definitely threw a big old baby out with the bath water…You’re totally on it with that yin-yang thing…

Plus, this idea of flawless Superheros who are the only thing worth a hot shit is complete bullshit…I much prefer the way The Incredibles similar point…

She knows one side very well…remember, she left Russia and came to the US to experience the height of 20th Century well-earned pride, and lived through our own parts where a little too much socialism starts to weigh like a real clunker…she knows that one side of the coin very, very well…but she’s too caught up in her own confidence to see the other side at all…

…I’ve often thought about taking it, chapter by chapter, because she’s got a lot of stuff in there…some that honestly makes me cheer (I’ve certainly had enough guilt provoking soul suckers drive me fucking nuts — Hank rings well with me on many levels, and so does Dagny (until she completely caves in submissive I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-that-is for the first two, three men she encounters that can look her in the eye)…some that really stick out as mistaken (Like, every social organization is empty shit and every environmentalist is just trying to steal your business — yeah, that’s what it’s ALL about…sure…)

My final feeling (so far…I haven’t finished it, nor yet read it the second time) is that Rand kind of missed her own point, and there are key points in the book where she has to reach hard, because she’s off the mark. It’s not a final justification that right-is-always-right, but that Hank and Dagny are good people who represent the best and highest ideals of that side, but they’ve spent their lives surrounded by assholes who represent the worst of the left side. Galt’s just another asshole…a highly empowered and capable asshole who they are ultimately suckers for…he’s like Glenn Beck…10 of 12 points make perfect sense…but those last two…um…yeah…car off the tracks…

I’ve also thought about writing it from the other side…what happens when the world is ruled purely by that other side…


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