Speaking of throwing babies out with bath water …

August 2, 2012

Did Rand have children? I was watching interviews she did on various talk shows through the years and she talked a lot about love and how some people just don’t deserve to be loved because they have no value; that love is not a selfless act by nature it is only truly possible when you see the other person is worthy of it.

As a parent her views on love make no sense to me, therefor the question.

Also, I have loved people with no “value” (in the definition of value by Rand) and it was being loved regardless of that “lack” of value that made a difference to the person. The love made them feel valued, hence they began to become a person of “value”.

I’m trying to understand her personally, if I can grasp her way and why of thinking I can break Atlas and Galt down way better than I can if I’m guessing.

~ C.K.


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