On Altruism

August 3, 2012

I’ve been thinking of this Altruism thing — When has the U.S. been an Altruist nation? I haven’t seen it in my lifetime. There are moments where, as a people, yeah sure; but it takes a terrorist attack to produce the “love for fellow man” thing. And then of course it’s only for our fellow Americ- man. Not saying we’re a nation of Objectivism followers either, ’cause we ain’t. As a whole I’d say Americans are a self-centered, self-serving spoiled nation that believes they deserve things they haven’t earned and owe nothing to anyone; not gods OR man.

I’m speaking as a whole, of course there are individuals that aren’t in the “whole” but they are far overshadowed. So overshadowed the darkness swallows them up and the black cloud of apathy devours anything they try to say or do before it reaches the closed eyes and plugged ears of the rest.




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