August 4, 2012

I had a basic concept of how objectivism works, due to having read Atlas. Other than that, not so much. Plus, that whole “know your enemy” thing has had me spending a lot of time watching Rand interviews on objectivism and various other views she held. Her thought process on some things is just wow; on others I can not say I disagree at all.

She’s got some terrific insight in to all things; while most of what she says starts out on the right track … somewhere she loses it and the train goes barreling past the station.

As we know when she chucked Cheryl off a bridge and later left Eddie to perish that hit me as wrong, to me it made no sense. After learning more about how Rand thought it seems the conclusion is they had faith in those around them and to Rand’s way of thinking faith in others is not objective. Therefor when they’ve been betrayed by their ignorant value system based on faith obviously the shock of being wrong would be too much and they’d perish by one mean or another. This would explain why I had a violent reaction to Cheryl and Eddie’s demise, because it really didn’t make any sense. She wrote them off because in her world the ones who are a balance of objectivism and altruism just can’t win, because they will not give over to the whole truth of Rand; in my world those are the people that can save the damn world.



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