This is where I…

August 4, 2012

This is where I reveal I still haven’t finished the book. I got up to a certain point…and just didn’t want to go there with her. I will force myself through it, but maybe I’ll wait to keep it fresh when we get there. As yet, though, I haven’t faced Eddie’s demise… but I’m not surprised that that’s how she went about it…

Ok…so she misses the boat. She sees all the jerks, but wrongly characterizes them as anyone who has faith in God or others, or who basically isn’t a fiercely independent industrialist…

…and it’s kind of awkward how she has to deal with them, right? I mean…That girl…Cheryl…why does she kill herself? I may be forgetting something, but why does she get stuck at Jim Taggert? I mean, if she’s as all that as Rand casts her, she’d work her way straight through him in three cocktail parties — wouldn’t she?

And how do those industrialists survive without Eddies? Seriously? They NEED guys like him.

Gotta find that #@+*! book! Ugh!!!

How do we want to do this?


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