August 5, 2012

Yes…yes…See, it’s very interesting. Rand is infuriating because she’s so balls-ass sure of herself, in feeling the awake and capable are not only justified in, but SHOULD send the whole cart of fools to the doom they seem to be headed to on their own, anyway.

It’s that obnoxious certainty, the horrifying implications, should she get her way in shaping that attitude, and the beautiful babies who are her first casualties.

and what makes her a legitimate threat…is that she taps legitimate frustration and points a brazen finger at real wrongs that occur and yet get whitewashed over because noone with a normal sense of humility and compassion will dare to point those fingers…

…because, really, it’s those who take advantage of our compassion and humility, and who claw down our most beautiful either out of jealousy or because they don’t want to have to try, or because they live in ignorance-driven fear…really are insidiously horrible.

…and yet it takes audacious, ruthless balls to call them out…I think one of the main reasons that many good people love her is because she’s one of the few to do so, or to do so effectively.

…and yet, it will take an application of humility and compassion that she utterly lacks and fails to respect in order to validate that perspective…and at the same time a more exacting and — dare we suggest rigorous — examination than she was capable of to extract THAT baby from the bathwater…and let’s be very clear…there a LOT of bathwater!

hmmmm….I still kind of want to go chapter by chapter — especially as there are so many non-sequitors and random shot, despite her claim of infallible logic. I don’t really think there’s enough internal validity to treat it as a whole — and I also think it’s important to point out that lacking, particularly given her ballsy ass claims otherwise.

PLUS…it could be engaging fun….a book club of sorts with a few star commentators….

Back to that blog….we read a chapter and then offer dueling/dancing commentary that naturally continues right into the comment section as a moderated conversation. If it stays just us, that’s easy to manage…if it takes off, it will be harder (we’ll have to deal with trolls), but perhaps even more enriching and worthwhile….


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