Ayn Rand Journal Excerpt, Part III

August 6, 2012

“It should not matter to a creator whether anyone or a million or ALL the men around him fall short of the ideal Man; let him live up to that ideal himself; this is all the ‘optimism’ about Man that he needs. But this is a hard and subtle thing to realize – and it would be natural for Dagny always to make the mistake of believing others are better than they really are (or, will become better, or she will teach them to become better or, actually, she so desperately WANTS them to be better) – and to be tied to the world by that hope.

It is proper for a creator to have an unlimited confidence in himself and his ability, to feel certain that he can get anything he wishes out of life, that he can accomplish anything he decides to accomplish, and that it’s up to him to do it. (He feels it because he is a man of reason…) [But] here is what he must keep clearly in mind: it is true that a creator can accomplish anything he wishes – if he functions accordingly to the nature of man, the universe and his own proper morality, that is, if he does not place his wish primarily within others and does not attempt or desire anything that is of a collective nature, anything that concerns others PRIMARILY or requires primarily the exercise of the will of others. (This would be an IMMORAL desire or attempt, contrary to his nature as a creator.) If he attempts that, he is out of a creator’s province and in that of the collectivist and the second-hander.”


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