Ayn Rand’s Journal Excerpt, Part I

August 6, 2012

I FOUND MY BOOK!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes…yes…yes. These “Perfect” humans fail to be so, and are instead frustrated, petulant, spoiled brats.

Rand seems to lack any faith whatsoever, including any faith that people can be inspired to find greater good from each other. Given her fundamental premise that there is no cause for faith…to her, rationally, there is no cause for charity.

From her journals:

“[Dagny’s] error — and the cause of her refusal to join the strike — is over-optimism and over-confidence (particularly this last).
Over-optimism — in that she thinks me are better than they are, she doesn’t really understand them and is generous about it.”
Over-confidence – in that she thinks she can run a railroad (or the world) single-handed, she can make people do what she wants or needs, what is right, by the sheer force of her own talent; not by FORCING them, of course, not by enslaving them and giving orders — but by the sheer over-abundance of her own energy; she will show them how, she can teach them ad persuade them, she is so able that they’ll catch it from her. (This is still faith in their rationality, in the omnipotence of reason. The mistake? Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.)
On these two points, Dagny is committing an important (but excusable and understandable) error in thinking, the kind of error individualists and creators often make. It is an error proceeding from the best in their nature and from a proper principle, but this priciple is misapplied….


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