I will admit …

August 6, 2012

… I do love how she calls out the wrongs, in that her arrogant “rightness” works out. That’s what I do like about her, she does clearly see what’s wrong. I just seriously disagree with her logic on the fix and who the people that can fix it are.

In my reading about Rand there’s a ton of philosophers who put no stock in Objectivism as viable, so it (and she) is dismissed as a bit of fluff with no bearing on the course of the world. What they’re failing to take in to consideration is that, viable or not the woman has a large following and some (most) of these peeps of hers actually blithely believe Rand as gospel, the rest have no real clue what they’re promoting they just like the, “Who’s John Galt” slogan. Which is just as dangerous in the end.

Trolls are easily dealt with. Just us would be fun but even when we disagree we’re close together on the main pattern; having it take off would give us more insights from other heads that could actually help us pin-point where we’re looking to go and even how to go about it. Knowing how random people think as a whole would be highly beneficial if we want to take it further long term (which I’m thinking is our main goal, yes?).

I say let’s start bailing bath water chapter by chapter.



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