Idiots Abound, Yes, But Perfect People?

August 7, 2012


The idea that’s been running around my head is this:

These are not “perfect people” in a “perfect world”….And the only people close to perfect in the book are Dagny and Hank. Hank maybe moreso, but neither of them are perfect.

They are gifted doers of reasonably pure heart who are surrounded by awful people. Cronyism, paternalism (Dagny is not in charge simply because she is the sister, not the brother), hypocricy, dishonesty, ingratitude, on and on…

…And one of the most irritating things about all of it is that they are the only ones trying to make everything work. Everyone else — at least the trolls blocking their paths — are indeed mooching. They have very little experience of honestly altruistic people. Heck, it’s possible that they may have such big walls up from being constantly obstructed and maligned that they couldn’t see a “good man of the cloth” if he came up and took their confessions.

These are not “perfect people” in a “perfect world”. These are fully frustrated people in a highly imperfect world who are fully isolated long before they finally give up and abandon society.

This is the story of what happens when the movers and shakers finally give up and decide to be as selfish and petulant as all the worthless idiots they are constantly holding up the walls for.

Ayn Rand THINKS she’s the only one thinking. Really she’s a frustrated, lonely, frigid witch who might earn some compassion if she wasn’t so cold.

She very astutely identifies a LOT of real problems. She generalizes WAY too far, and, idealizes her characters WAY too much, but she’s very good at identifying a whole boatload of wastes that deeply frustrate, and often undermine and gaslight awesome people.

She effectively leads us to the argument as to WHY purer socialism can’t work (the jerks will take over, please don’t give them that kind of mechanism/machine with which to control people, it’s better to decentralize so we can deal with the assholes in smaller, less powerful concentrations) — which she’s well positioned to deliver, being someone who left Russia right as they entered into that grave error, where corruption of her kind certainly continues to hold sway…

HOWEVER, WE now live in a world where the opposite side of that story can be told — crumbling cities, lost faith, apathy, fuck it all, not because of socialist croniess, but because of industrialist barons who have effectively been allowed to more or less take over the world, buy the government, shirk regulation and create their own machine…

Ayn Rand is such a problem because her characters say SEE YA! and abandon the whole lot. What we need in this world — as you mentioned — are SUPERHEROS. People who don’t give in and give it all up to the fools, but who — if they are ALL THAT — should stand up, inspire the masses, and make like the cartoon version end of Animal Farm and KICK ASS. Not the book version. That doesn’t end well, either…


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