Journal Excerpt Response

August 7, 2012

I don’t want to go off on a tangent about my thoughts of her mental prowess at her imagined ability at rigorous original thought and forget to actually hit the fine points of so much insane bullshit thread through some valid ones … contradictions everywhere.

First of all Dagny; she wasn’t running a railroad single handedly, Jim was running the railroad. Dagny was trying to run it over him. She also had Eddie and in the story it’s made pretty clear the rail workers followed her say so, not Jim’s. The rail workers would do what she wanted because they had faith in her, which um yeah doesn’t that show they had a pretty good handle on logical reasoning skills? Just asking …

Also, I’m thinking in the time period of this book half of Dagny’s problem in “owning” the railroad is that she *is* a female, this would be back in the day where a woman would have been having just the problems Dagny is having in taking over the business.

I’ll agree with her on reason not being automatic. But the “omnipotence of reason”? Wow. I’m moving along now …

Dagny did not fail, Rand wrote her to fail. She wouldn’t have had a story based on Objectivism if Dagny didn’t fail though, would she have? Dagny started off as one of the strongest characters in the story. She ends up as a follower. And why? Because she loves (and apparently loves her way to the highest power but, I digress). So, technically by the laws of Objectivism, Galt should have left Dagny on the train with Eddie by the end because she lost her ability to objectively reason when she changed her logic based upon which man was her current love interest and what HIS views were.

As I said and I will state again, Rand has some great points. Some highly valid points in some of what she says and thinks. I see it, I hear her, hell I’d send her a “you go girl” for them if she were still around. I just do not see how she comes to the conclusion of her characters behaviors. They do not fit. She is trying to make mere humans, who regardless of what she believes are incapable of omniscient rational thought 24/7, gods among men.


A lot of what I’d say here is going to come out again during the chapter by chapter breakdowns, in the interest of not repeating myself and boring the hell out of everyone I’ll leave it go at that small rant …




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