On Hope

August 8, 2012

Here’s something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now; it’s relevant I believe though it may not seem so much to start:

Have you noticed our lack of spiritual/social inspirations? We have no equivalent of Gandhi, no Mother Teresa, no MLK type. We are seriously walking around a world with no one pointing a finger towards the light of hope. Music? Nope. Art? Not so much. It’s all darkness, not evil darkness, just the reflection of the darkness of apathy. Faith of any kind is mocked or straight out feared. There’s no real compassion but enough apathy to drown in. There’s no hope. It’s like it has been sucked through the mesosphere and the shadow of disregard and hate has descended in its place. Where are our humanitarians of hope? Hell, even the Dali Lama is in exile for god-sakes.

In a world without hope what do you get? Atlas Shrugged.

So, do I overall agree with your assessment that the good guys need to stop thinking, “Hell man, what happened?” get off their stunned asses; stand up; seek hope; find it; and throw it back at the world? Why yes, yes I do!

~ C.K.

(An afterthought: my perception on how bad things have gotten is colored by my location. I have no idea how things are in more populated areas or how people are behaving. I only know here. And it’s bad and getting worse. People are losing their houses left and right, jobs just do not exist, it’s decaying fast. Crime has gone up, theft and domestic violence are going through the roof. It’s falling apart; it’s sad but scary as well.)


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