June 3, 2013

Words are our hope,
when the darkness sets in
They let in the light,
to see again

If not spoken,
words needed;
yet never heard –

There are never enough words
of hope
They create calm,
cause understanding,
reinforce love
They free

Communication is key;
sincere, said in truth
There is no truth in a weapon –
No voice.
No reconciliation

It is never beyond words,
if words spoken truly.

Words have power
They have form
Serene valleys; Turbulent peaks
Rounded edges; Sharp ridges

Words can
resentments that
divide and

Forethought words can
open minds and
return in kind

Words are our
recourse our
light in this

Perhaps if all people
everywhere, had the
ability to adequately express their
conflicting views in more
euphonious voices, stability and peace would be possible



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