Chapter IV — Part V

April 4, 2016

Dagny never said I told you so, nor did she get upset when Jim took credit for her stripping the San Sebastian line down to junk equipment. She simply hopes he’ll now let her achieve. Instead, Jim rushes in, thrilled with his own contribution to the railroad. Dagny is horrified at the measure. Jim seems to enjoy her shaking anger even more than any sense of accomplishment in undermining Conway. Quickly, though, a calm washes over her and she stares at him, .

“For the flash of one instant, she thought that here, before her, in James Taggart and in that which made him smile, was a secret she had never suspected, and it was crucially important that she learn to understand it. But the thought flashed and vanished.”

She quickly and purposefully exits, taking some of the wind from Jim’s sails with her.


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