Here we are, in a wayward world where science and politics rave away in one of those relationships everyone knows is bad news, but the media loves the gossip and like so many friends just fuels the fire because it suits them.

Here we stand, on a tower of babble, yammering away broken thoughts, addicted to noise we vaguely pay attention to. Does anyone listen? Does anyone think?

Art is a wall flower, philosophy seems dead. We don’t know why, or even what’s been said. We dig for gold in mother natures bed, and fritter the riches she handed us.

Is the art of rhetoric an artifact of a language no one speaks? Is it the bailiwick of snake oil salesmen, beneath those who believe their facts somehow speak? Is the art of debate more about winning a point than proving the most valid ideas? Do the random musings of dreamers matter, or is it just more refuse on the pile?

Come with we, and ponder… maybe someday we’ll even learn…

…it’s a curious pastime.


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